Sunday, March 24, 2013

this one's for the girls

Throughout my life, I have been betrayed and abandoned by many people who I believed were “forever friends.” However, there are a few amazing women who have stuck by me though it all, and this post is for them. 

K: I fondly remember all the Sunday afternoons of playing Barbies, writing our own mystery stories, playing in the graveyard, and swimming in the pool as kids, and then playing church league baseball in high school. And how could I forget your mom’s soup with the Shake & Bake chicken, and ice cream with strawberries for dessert? Through the years, there were several long periods of time where we drifted apart, but we always seemed to be able to pick up right where we left off. Even though much of our 20’s were spent in different stages of life, we have still been able to stay connected. It was only fitting that you were the one to help me choose my wedding dress! I love how we can get together every other week for our “girls’ group.” You have an amazing gift for leadership and teaching and I’m blessed to have you lead our group.

T: I love how we’ve grown through our 20’s together, and that along the way, we’ve been able to share so many of the same stages of life. From pilates classes, to home ownership/renovations, to dating and marriage, we have shared some pretty intense experiences together. I love that we have been able to walk with each other (sometimes literally—all over town), and help each other through the “tough stuff.” You know what it’s like to grieve unspeakable losses while learning how to balance that with just “doing life.” You are not afraid to ask the hard questions that so many people shy away from. Thank you for never judging me, and for sticking with me through everything, even if I didn’t deserve it. I hope that I can always be as loyal of a friend to you as you have been to me.

J: I will never forget how you instantly welcomed me into your family and made me feel just like a sister. I love your honesty and vulnerability and am thankful for all your encouragement during the tough times. I cherish the time we spend together every other week, and I love watching you be a Mom! You may feel often feel overwhelmed, but I have been so blessed watching you grow more and more into the woman God wants you to be over these past three years. Listening to you sing in front of hundreds of people gives me so much joy. You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways! Whenever I feel down, I think of you overcoming so much of the crap in your life, because as you always tell me, “Jesus is bigger than that.” You give me so much hope, and I hope someday I can be more like you.

N: I will be forever grateful to you for introducing me to my husband. I cherish our long phone conversations and the ways that you have been there to listen to me vent. Even though the season of life that we presently find ourselves in doesn’t allow for much time to spend together, I know that I can still count on you if I need you.  I miss you a lot; we have done bonfires, bars, and Bible studies together, but I know that as seasons change again, we will still be friends, regardless of time and space. I have always appreciated your honesty and thoughtfulness. You have a beautiful heart, and I look forward to watching where God leads you next.

R: Even though we don’t get together frequently, I love how we can catch up over lunch or dinner and it feels like no time has passed. I love how the gap of time, space, and age doesn’t matter with us. I feel so safe when I confide in you; you are one of the most non-judgemental people that I know. I love that you bring so much wisdom and experience to our relationship. I am so thankful for all your support, no matter what the problem or situation. I love how you support me by coming to everything I invite you to—whether it’s a party, a sales show, or just lunch. Your generosity of time and money just blows me away! I am proud to call you my cousin, as well as my friend.

J: You taught me so much about myself, and I will be forever indebted to you for that. You asked me hard questions, and got me thinking, evaluating, and WRITING! Even though our season for meeting together has ended, I am profoundly grateful for the support I received from you as I began my journey of healing.

There are so many other women who have touched my life – many of whom I have only known for a short time (Ladies, you have already impacted me for the better. I hope one day you will be on my list of “forever friends” too.) 

I love you all so much, and don't know where I'd be without you all. xoxoxo 

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  1. You are a wonderful, wonderful woman, ma'am, and I hope you continue to flourish beyond even your wildest dreams.