Saturday, September 6, 2014

happy birthday, girlies!

My adorable nieces, Molly Georgina and Lola Julianna turned 2 yesterday. From the moment they found out they were expecting twin girls, my sister-in-law and family have experienced a crazy couple of years, full of surprises-- including delivering the twins via C-Section at 32 weeks. I'm sure they never have imagined this is where life would take them--but I know they wouldn't trade it for the world. 

And my, how they've grown since then!
One day old!

One Year Old!
Two years old!
Raising twin girls (and homeschooling a big brother) has been no small feat! I am so proud of my sister-in-law for everything she has accomplished so far, and for how much she has grown as a person over these past couple of years. Although she would be the first to admit that she's far from perfect, she remains an inspiration to me. (You can view part of her testimony HERE under the "Real Life Stories" tab... and maybe one day, I will have the privilege of sharing more of her story here.)

In honour of their birthday, their mom posted a link to a Music/Video Presentation that beautifully captures the girls' first 8 months through photos. It played at their baptism on Mother's Day (and brought most of the congregation to tears.)

So Happy Birthday, Molly and Lola! 
We love you. 

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