Saturday, February 1, 2014


It's hard to get any work done with such a handsome boy staring at you!

letting go

I've blogged quite a lot about friends who have abandoned me. This was something I wrote a number of years ago when I was the one who had to walk away:

letting go

scuffed boots
work-worn cap
faded blue jeans
calloused hands
sunburned face

you reach for me
search my eyes
my heart melts
in this moment
your strong embrace
feels so right

i pull away
avoid your gaze
your heart breaks
squealing tires
i'm all alone
feels so wrong

pink flip-flops
bleached blond hair
too-tight jeans
manicured hands
tear-stained face

Every ending brings a new beginning. I truly hope that wherever you are today, life is treating you well. Please forgive me for the pain I caused you those years ago. It hurt me too. One day, maybe we can look back and smile when we remember the good times we had before life got complicated. 

first day of kindergarten

Yesterday I headed back to my alma mater to teach Kindergarten. I had not been back since my last day of 8th grade, so it was interesting to spend the day. (One of my former teachers still works there!) Although I have had lots of EA and ECE supply calls, this was my first teaching assignment in a Kindergarten class in well over a year. We had a fun day, and it reminded me of the following poem that I wrote back in one of my university writing courses (having clearly not experienced the utter chaos and mayhem of a kindergarten classroom on the first day of school):

first day of kindergarten

the bell rings
voices sound in the hall
shattering the stillness
of the early morning

they laugh and chatter
as velcro crackles
new shoes squeak
and doors slam

you stand in the doorway
and watch
taking it all in

twenty students sit cross-legged
on the faded orange carpet
and turn inquisitive faces
toward you

they wait--
mouths slightly ajar
eyes wide with anticipation--
for you to say something

because this year,
you're the teacher!