Tuesday, October 28, 2014

living room renovations - part 2

And the long-awaited part two! (Please read part one first.) Here's where we left off:

The new floor had just been put in, and then renovations ground to a halt when we experienced a 3+ week delay due to building permits and inspections. It was extremely stressful, but the building inspector that we worked with was very accommodating and each inspection went off without a hitch. 

Without further ado, here's a look at the final leg of the journey from August onward:

extra ceiling joists

new window header (the old one had to be removed because it was warped and could crack our window)

framed walls


first pine going up
the new long-awaited staircase
lighting installation

the central light

and potlights

wood stove surround

new railing

post was designed to look similar to the original

custom blinds

custom closet doors built by our talented neighbour

and the new coffee table that we designed (also built by our neighbour)

In my opinion, the photos below don't do the finished product any justice; however, here's the new living room, designed by my amazing hubby (with thanks to Uncle Glenn who originally did this in his own home 20 years ago):

South-east wall

with a nook above--perfect for collectables!
west wall

north wall with pocket door and built-in book shelves (also built by our neighbour)

south wall

The bullet casings on the blind strings-just one of the unique features
And then there's a gun vault...

...with bull skull...

And let's not forget the long-awaited deer head!

And last, but certainly not least...the custom TV stand built by our neighbour.

We've certainly come a long way, but the end result is totally worth it!

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