Saturday, February 1, 2014

letting go

I've blogged quite a lot about friends who have abandoned me. This was something I wrote a number of years ago when I was the one who had to walk away:

letting go

scuffed boots
work-worn cap
faded blue jeans
calloused hands
sunburned face

you reach for me
search my eyes
my heart melts
in this moment
your strong embrace
feels so right

i pull away
avoid your gaze
your heart breaks
squealing tires
i'm all alone
feels so wrong

pink flip-flops
bleached blond hair
too-tight jeans
manicured hands
tear-stained face

Every ending brings a new beginning. I truly hope that wherever you are today, life is treating you well. Please forgive me for the pain I caused you those years ago. It hurt me too. One day, maybe we can look back and smile when we remember the good times we had before life got complicated. 

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